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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the unique needs of your project.


Curle Contracting's qualified forestry crew can be put to task on any (or all) aspects of this detailed industry. You can trust in them for small jobs such as stump removal, rooting raking, mulching and clean up, through to larger projects like select felling, logging of forestry blocks, and even the sale of your logs either for export or domestic markets.


We proudly support farming operations with high-quality contracting solutions. From support for water schemes or river protection, maintenance for farm tracks, grading or shingle supplies, rolling, mulching or shelter belt removals, we have the capability to meet your needs. Horse arenas, offal holes and mole ploughing are further projects we've been known to work on in this industry.


Rob and the Curle Contracting team are grateful and committed to producing high-calibre finished products alongside other local civil contracting and construction industry partners. Our day to day tasks vary but may include projects such as cell tower builds, playground construction and maintenance, river works, mole ploughing of water pipes up to 180mm, and sub-division development.


With our local Selwyn community at the heart of our business, working alongside homeowners is a core service that we provide with pride. Offering groundworks and landscaping capabilities, we can help with most landscaping projects, from shed and house pads, shingle and gardening supplies, driveways, carparks, soak pits or retaining walls.

“Curle Contracting wouldn’t be where we are today without our great clients. We appreciate each job, and work hard to understand what is critical to their business or property. Be it a large farm, a construction project, or a homeowner, so that we can deliver a service that best meets their needs.  We really enjoy the diversity from working on a residential driveway, to a large project like CPW.”

Rob and Jan Curle

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