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Meet the team behind Curle Contracting.

Founded in 2011, Curle Contracting Ltd is owned and operated by Rob and Jan Curle.

With pride in our community, our work and our team, we specialise in forestry work, alongside services in farming, civil and residential excavation, tracks, roading, draining and water solutions.


Curle Team no Athol_edited.jpg

OUR Background

Over the past 10 years, Curle Contracting has grown from Rob, a digger and a truck, into a team of over 25, utilising a fleet of vehicles and machines.

Curle service a wide range of jobs in the community from farming, residential, forestry crew & civil contracting solutions. We are often working alongside a range of local contractors including Corde, Waimakariri and Selwyn District Councils, Downers, TrustPower and Environment Canterbury.



The specialised teams from Curle Contracting are experienced and skilled local people, who love a challenge and take pride in delivering quality work.

Community AND oUR pEOPLE

Curle Contracting takes pride in supporting both its team and customers in the local community. With strong links to Selwyn and the wider Canterbury district, we will always put our community first and be there when required. 


In our industry, solutions are required to be practical and timely. You can trust in Curle Contracting to be reliable, efficient and consistent in their work, to get the job done to a top standard.

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